What our Customers say...


After settling into our new home, I started experiencing respiratory problems. Water had been dripping from the air conditioner into our return air duct system for years. SERVPRO cleaned the interior duct system so thoroughly that it looked like the inside of a brand new oven when they were done. Within just a few days of SERVPRO’s service, I started to feel better. Now that the mold and moisture are gone, so is my mysterious health problem!

I walked into my house one day to find that we were in a “heap of trouble! A pipe in our upstairs bath had burst, dumping hundreds of gallons of water through the floors and ceilings and into the basement of our home. SERVPRO stayed until 9:30 that night, pumping more than 200 gallons of water off our floors and out of our carpets. Everyone was polite and professional; I felt included during every step of the process, and I can honestly say that what began as a nightmare, ended like a dream.

Lightning struck our 4-story beachfront home and created a fire as it traveled through the interior wiring. The walls, carpets and floors were waterlogged and there was soot and a strong odor throughout the house. In addition to providing top-notch clean-up and restoration, the SERVPRO team documented damaged items and gave me expert advice as I dealt with the aftermath of the fire.

When a pipe burst in our school, flooding classrooms and hallways we called SERVPRO on a Friday at midnight. By 2 am they were on site, working to restore our building to its original state. They worked diligently for the next two weeks to ensure that our school was moisture-free before students returned in the fall. I learned that if we ever experience storm, water, mold or fire damage, the first thing I’ll do is call SERVPRO.

As the owner of several beachfront properties susceptible to storms and hurricanes, I consider the owners of SERVPRO of Pender/West Onslow Counties, trusted members of my team. I am so impressed by their professionalism, strong work ethic and honesty, that Dominic now has the keys to all of my properties. Wherever I am, when a disaster occurs, I just pick up the phone and call him. He takes care of the rest. He is 100% reliable. He provides 100% restoration. And you will be 100% pleased.

My residence is in New York, but I own a rental property in Topsail. Being nearly 800 miles away in the midst of a flooding disaster requires a strong leap of faith in the people one hires. Dominic and the team, not only proved to be trustworthy, they approached the restoration with the sense of urgency and the strong work ethic the situation required. I was particularly impressed with the caring and competent customer service provided by Debra. The entire team did an excellent job.