What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

I would recommend using this service as they are courteous, and very professional. Matt and Crew chief Dallas explained everything thoroughly during our walkthrough so we had an understanding of what was expected. I was very please with their customer service with prompt replies. Highly recommend SERVPRO and their team Dallas,Isaac,Jacob,and Isaiah.

The SERVPRO team helped us out when we had a water leak in our home. They were very quick to get to our house and find the problem, which was challenging! I really appreciated how Ian worked with our insurance company to make sure our claim went through smoothly.

Issac, Brooke and Dallas were awesome! They handled our bad situation very professionally. They were neat and orderly. These folks helped us through a tough situation.

My husband and I just have to praise SERVPRO in Hampstead! We came home from a trip to Florida and found lots of water that had come from the AC condensation pipe that was in the wall. At the time we had no idea where the water was coming from but found out after the cabinets and walls were torn out. Matt and his helpers from SERVPRO came to the house last Sunday......couldn't believe they came so quickly! They were here every day this week and finally able to remove their equipment yesterday when the water/moisture was gone. They did a great job tearing everything out that was wet or molded and the clean up job was excellent! Our insurance agent, Meredith Williams with Farm Bureau, is also to be commended as she answered our call on Sunday and immediately contacted SERVPRO. It is great to know where to get excellent customer service. Thank you Meredith, Farm Bureau and SERVPRO!!!!

This specific SERVPRO restored our belief in the reliability of SERVPRO.  My husband and I observed how very hard they worked to remediate the flood water damages to our home caused by Hurricane Florence.  A different team had worked on our home first, several issues arose that this new team made certain were completed in full.  The team leader spoke with us often and kept us updated on all work.  She also assisted us with information of other services that we needed.  These repairs were not covered by any insurance.  They took this into account and the charges were very reasonable.  We feel very fortunate to have had them here.

We could not be more pleased with the services provided after Hurricane Florence caused significant problems with water intrusion in the walls and ceiling of our home. The team was very professional, efficient, communicated well throughout the process, and overall did an excellent job in keeping with our understanding and agreement of the work to be done. Very thankful for their service and would highly recommend!

Hurricane Flo hit our community HARD! My husband, who has been a general contractor for over 35 years interviewed over 7 other disaster assistance companies and selected SERVPRO! The customer service, the assistance during a time of true stress and the streamlined process makes a difficult time bearable. I highly recommend this professional organization.

We were hit hard by Hurricane Florence, having a large section of our roof stripped off down to the plywood. With that, and 4 days of continuous rain, came a lot of water damage and ensuing mold that formed after days of no AC. The first call I made was to my insurance company and the second call I made was to SERVPRO. SERVPRO got onsite fast, explained to us everything they were going to do and then got to work! They were very professional, extremely thorough, and gave my wife and I great peace of mind throughout the entire process. They completed demolition and mold remediation with the utmost efficiency and worked directly with my insurance company on the claim. They even provided onsite mobile storage units and moved our furniture out for us while they were working in the house! I was worried about the cost and if insurance would cover the entire amount, but with the measurements, readings and reports that SERVPRO provides, the insurance company would be hard pressed to deny that part of the claim. My insurance company covered 100% of my SERVPRO cost. We are now back in our home, and far ahead of most that had the extensive amount of damage that we had. That wouldn't have been possible without the services of SERVPRO. I highly recommend SERVPRO of Pender/West Onslow Counties!!


You all are miracle workers! Such fast work and they did a great job throughout and it's all done. I wish I had asked you three months ago. Thank you so, so very much!

I walked into my house one day to find that we were in a “heap of trouble! A pipe in our upstairs bath had burst, dumping hundreds of gallons of water through the floors and ceilings and into the basement of our home. SERVPRO stayed until 9:30 that night, pumping more than 200 gallons of water off our floors and out of our carpets. Everyone was polite and professional; I felt included during every step of the process, and I can honestly say that what began as a nightmare, ended like a dream.

When a pipe burst in our school, flooding classrooms and hallways we called SERVPRO on a Friday at midnight. By 2 am they were on site, working to restore our building to its original state. They worked diligently for the next two weeks to ensure that our school was moisture-free before students returned in the fall. I learned that if we ever experience storm, water, mold or fire damage, the first thing I’ll do is call SERVPRO.

My residence is in New York, but I own a rental property in Topsail. Being nearly 800 miles away in the midst of a flooding disaster requires a strong leap of faith in the people one hires. Dominic and the team, not only proved to be trustworthy, they approached the restoration with the sense of urgency and the strong work ethic the situation required. I was particularly impressed with the caring and competent customer service provided by Debra. The entire team did an excellent job.