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SERVPRO Can Help with Jacksonville Mold Damage Threats

4/5/2023 (Permalink)

mold damage can happen out of sight poster SERVPRO AMRT technicians can find and remediate mold damage in your Jacksonville home or business.

Dealing with Mold Damage in Your Home

Mold exists in almost every environment, making it a continual threat to your home and business when conditions exist to facilitate the growth of these colonies. We can help you return to everyday life when you suspect mold in your home.

Jacksonville mold damage can be alarming, particularly when you are unsure how far this problem extends through the house. Having trusted professionals ready to help makes a difference in the damage that a home sustains, and our SERVPRO team can reach your property quickly with IICRC-Certified technicians in several fields like:

How Does Mold Grow and Thrive?

It is important to understand environmental factors that could encourage the development and spread of mold in your home or business. Moisture is one of the significant components of active colonization, with spores requiring damp environments to set into materials and begin to grow. These organisms use specific organic matter as a food source, so having sensitive materials capable of supporting this colony is also a requirement. Warm temperatures are the final element, which is easy to achieve in a home with conditioned air to make the ambient interior below 55% humidity.

Why Is Mold a Threat to Your Home?

Many homeowners do not fully understand what makes mold damage a concern for their residences. The presence of mold is something that many house occupants have seen in their lifetime, making the discovery of these organisms less alarming. Mold development is a concern for your household, however. The presence of these microbial colonies is a sign that structural degradation is taking place, as these developments feed on the organic matter used as a host for the organism.

Can You Identify Mold Growth without Professionals?

While many sophisticated tools get used to confirm the presence of mold and the spread of these organisms throughout your home, there are means of identifying mold before you need remediation technicians. Homeowners can often use specific conditions like musty smells or spotting on surfaces to indicate where mold could become a threatening concern.

Remediation and Removal Solutions

Mold damage remediation and removal is not a universal, one-size-fits-all solution. Multiple phases and components can help, including:

  • Surface Cleaning

Sporicidal products and antimicrobial solutions are the first lines of defense and correction against mold development at the visible surface layer of hosting materials.

  • Sanding

Wood framing and similar materials can allow mold infestations just beyond the outermost surface layer, which actions like sanding can remove without requiring the demolition of the component.

  • Media Blasting

Using abrasives under pressure can often destroy surface mold development without significant material degradation.

  • Controlled Demolition

Demolition can be one of the final ways our professionals remediate mold damage and one of the most effective methods to accomplish this. Removing impacted elements prevents mold spread and avoids lengtheir attempts to clean surfaces that might prove unsuccessful.

Keeping Mold from Happening Again

Having mold happen once in your home can be devastating enough, let alone when this situation recurs repeatedly. It is vital to do anything possible to prevent this redevelopment of mold growth through direct actions with our general contractor license. Through repairs to areas like the foundation and roof, water penetration that allows mold production can get stopped. We must address environmental issues creating moist areas of the property instead of treating the products of damp rooms when naturally-occurring mold spores colonize on wet surfaces.

Jacksonville mold damage can threaten homes and businesses, especially when fast action is not taken to resolve the growth. Our SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties remediation professionals can help with cleanup and mold removal as your property needs. Call us at (910) 319-0600.

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