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broken water line, destroyed vanity

Sneads Ferry Water Damage

A good reason to call SERVPRO if water damage occurs in your Sneads Ferry home is a rapid response to mitigate the damage. This vanity suffered water damage and required removal, supply line repair, and a new replacement fixture. Count on us for a comprehensive and professional outcome.

opened walls, plastic sheeting, and air movers in a hallway

Water Damage in a Hampstead Facility

Water wicked into one side of the trim and walls in the corridor of this Hampstead business. Our SERVPRO crew stopped the leak and extracted the water from the tile floor. We removed the baseboards for drying and accessed the wall voids with our air movers and axial fans to enhance the evaporation. The "tent" rigged from black poly sheeting contained the treatment area and expedited the drying.

flood cut on walls, poly sheeting, bare studs showing

Topsail Beach Storm Damage

Tropical storms can impact barrier islands and cause flooding in Topsail Beach. The SERVPRO team can respond swiftly, We're Faster To Any Size Disaster, and begin the water damage mitigation. The crew executed a controlled demolition at the two-foot mark on the wallboards and removed the trim and flooring material. The plastic sheeting acts as a containment barrier to control the contaminated black water.

burned furniture in a bedroom

Jacksonville House Fire Clean Up

The fire devastated home in Jacksonville required a dumpster and elbow grease from our SERVPRO team for substantial demolition and removal of charred materials. We work with our customers' insurance company to keep costs within the budget.

green air scrubber, cleaning products on countertop

Hampstead Water and Sewage Problem

The small drainage backup into this Hampstead bathroom resulted from a storm. Our SERVPRO team removed the contaminated water from the tiled floor and used our proprietary cleaning agents to disinfect and restore a pleasant smell. The air scrubber extracted airborne odors.

equipment in dining room of nursing facilit

Woodbury Wellness Center Water Mitigation

Our SERVPRO team responded swiftly to remove pooling water and moisture from the Woodbury Wellness Center dining room in Hampstead. This skilled nursing and rehab center had clients that required a safe and clean interior environment. We vacuumed up the small amount of water and set up several low-profile snouted air movers and an LGR dehumidifier to quickly restore a healthy ambiance. We're Faster To Any Size Disaster.

mailbox room, equipment, and cautions visible, dry now

Hampstead Water Removal at the USPS Building

The Rent-a-Box area of the Hampstead USPS building suffered water damage from a burst pipe. SERVPRO responded quickly and removed the vinyl baseboards to dry out the drywall and the voids. The commercial-grade flooring was waterproofed, so our goal was to eliminate any demolition and dry the area to prevent any rusting of boxes or secondary water damage. The Photo depicts the facility about restored to standard RH thanks to the air movers and dehumidifiers.

equipment, flood cuts, studs showing

Surf City Water Damaged Fire Department

The water and sewage backup at the local Surf City Fire Department was handled by our SERVPRO team. We can respond to "911" calls since we are available 24/7. The debris and water have been removed, as shown in the Photo. The flood cuts removed the contaminated lower portion of the wallboards revealing the studs. The air movers and LGR dehumidifier are completing the drying process after we sprayed an antimicrobial agent.

Debris and sewage in a house

Storm-Related Sewage

The hydrostatic pressure from the rainstorm forced sewage from the septic tank back into this Verona house. This biohazardous debris must be handled while wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) to protect our SERVPRO technicians. After the cleanup, we then must spray an antimicrobial agent to exterminate any remaining pathogens or microbes.

burned interior, blackened, destroyed shelving plus more

Jacksonville Fire Damage Cleanup

The Photo illustrates the devastation caused by this house fire in Jacksonville. The cleanup begins with the discarding of charred materials and then a controlled demolition of badly fire-damaged building materials. During the entire process, SERVPRO techs set up equipment to begin the restoration of decent indoor air quality.

cut out wallboard and exposed pad, no planks

Water Leak Damage in Hampstead

Our SERVPRO crew performed a controlled demolition on the small, soaked wallboard in this Hampstead home. We removed the laminated flooring planks and can try to salvage them, though this is not often the case as with natural or engineered floorboards. Neat and ready for the build back.

green dehumidifier, drying mat black in kitchen

SERVPRO Saves Water Damaged Flooring

The kitchen leak covered the wood plank flooring in this Hampstead home with water. SERVPRO provides the injecti-dry system with the drying mat to suction out residual water from the joints. Also, the yellow tubes are drying out the wall void. Another reason Why to rely on SERVPRO

water reflecting in the hallway of the carpet in this office

Jacksonville Pipe Burst

The clean water from the ruptured water line pooled on the floor of this Jacksonville office. The vinyl coving contained the water from wicking into the walls, and our SERVPRO arrived quickly to extract the water and prevent extensive water damage. 

black, sooty walls, walls ruined

Fire and Smoke Damage in Hampstead

The photo shows the devastation to this torched home in Hampstead. The SERVPRO trained technicians can deploy equipment to begin a controlled demolition as a first step in restoring this home to its preloss state.

bare floor, studs, and framing showing from removed walls

Flood Cuts in Jacksonville

Contaminated groundwater often wicks into sheetrock panels and renders them non-salvageable. SERVPRO can perform a controlled demolition to minimize the repair needed in this Jacksonville home. We spray a biocide agent to protect against mold and pathogens development. This Photo demonstrates a flood-damaged home, ready for the build back.

water damaged ceiling showing stains and split at panel seams

Jacksonville Ceiling Leak

The burst pipe in the ceiling soaked the sheetrock with water in this Jacksonville home. The water-damaged panels can be removed by our SERVPRO technicians with a minimal amount of demolition; use our advanced equipment to dry the attic void, and then hang new drywall and paint, "Like it never even happened."


HERE TO HELP! Our team is available 24/7/365 to help with any size emergency or disaster! 

SERVPRO of Pender/West Onslow Counties Staff

The staff of SERVPRO of Pender/West Onslow Counties with the owners, Dominic and Cathy Manfredini. 

Bald is Beautiful

A few member of our team posing for a picture taken for "Be Bald and Be Free Day"!

We Love Our Jobs!

The Marketing Manager, Karen, working with our Production Technician, James on a commercial job. What great teamwork!

Preparations for Training

The more training, the better. Sometimes, we have to build what we need in order to practice! Here, Cody is building a portable wall for cleaning purposes.

Storm Trailer

Our mighty green trailer, loaded and ready when we need it!

Protecting Contents

We do whatever is takes to protect our customer's contents.

Duct Cleaning

Here, a production technician is performing an air duct cleaning. This service can help to improve the efficiency of an HVAC system and the quality of air in your home.

Hepa Vacuum

Our Production Tech, Heather, cleaning after demolition and drywall removal. We strive to leave each jobsite neat and tidy each day upon departure!

Safety First

Even in full PPE (Personal Protective Equipment), our crew is happy to help! 

Hepa Vacuum

Here, a crew member is using a hepa vacuum during mold remediation.


Our crew chief is using the Thermo-fog method to deodorize the structure after a fire.