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Fight Dampness in Jacksonville with Professional Water Mitigation

8/12/2022 (Permalink)

Copper Pipes Water damage spreads far from the source. SERVPRO has the technology to locate the hidden moisture.

The Ways Water Mitigation Protects Your Property

Leftover dampness from a water leak can remain within your home’s atmosphere long after you have fixed a leaky pipe. Our professional water mitigation team can help by ensuring your Jacksonville residence experiences appropriately dry conditions.

Prompt and proper water mitigation of your Jacksonville home provides more than one type of protection. If any of these conditions have become established within your residence, then you can trust SERVPRO to eliminate them. A lack of excessive and unnecessary moisture protects you and your property from secondary damage that even small amounts of water can cause.

The conditions that you should be aware of so you can protect your home include:

  • Microbial overgrowth, 
  • Softening and weakening of porous materials, and
  • Unwanted odors.

Microbes like mold or mildew can stain clothing, ruin keepsakes, destroy paintings, and much more. Microbes have deep-reaching tendril-like structures that dig into whatever it lives on, leaving discolorations behind when someone cleans the surface.

Damp pockets in your dwelling can lead to the destruction of materials like drywall and carpeting. Dry rotting takes place slowly but is very preventable. Repairs are almost impossible, making replacements the norm.

Foul odors that do not seem to come from any specific location might stem from stagnant water near the air intake vents for your HVAC system. Air fresheners and room deodorizers cannot do anything substantial because the next time the heat or A/C starts, a new batch of smelly air gets pushed into your home’s living space.

When SERVPRO performs water mitigation, we use special detection equipment that shows where the intrusive water originates. When doing this work, we drain or otherwise remove any water or moisture present. Then, we can seal off the sources of water, which helps keep your home from becoming damp in the future. 

Call SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties when your home is giving you problems at (910) 319-0600. We can help find existing problems and get things fixed for you.

Fire Restoration Makes Your Jacksonville Warehouse Sound Again

8/5/2022 (Permalink)

$50 bill being burned at both ends Fires have lingering effects that can be expensive. Our fire restoration team can remediate any scope of commercial fire damage.

Risk to Investments Negated by Fire Restoration

After extinguishing a blazing fire and keeping goods and equipment from burning, you might feel your Jacksonville business is safe. However, damage can continue to happen, increasing your losses. Our fire restoration crew knows how to keep damage from worsening.

Commercial buildings in Jacksonville need fire restoration and thorough cleaning after a fire, especially one where synthetic materials burned. Restoring your warehouse or other storage facility means a fresh start, one in which your inventory, equipment, workers, and everything else works as it should. 

Businesses know they can rely on SERVPRO’s fire restoration services for these and other reasons:

  • Tearing out charred materials, including roofing materials, and rebuilding of same components,
  • Clearing surfaces and even the air, including your HVAC system, of soot and caustic gasses formed during the fire, and
  • The basics of protective measures can keep immediate damages at a standstill.

When roofing materials sustain damage during high heat, they can become brittle and weak. Keeping roofing or ceiling panels from breaking apart and falling onto anything below keeps stuff from becoming further damaged. These components can contain sharp edges, nails, or other brackets that can scratch paint and different finishes on equipment or dent packaging of finished products.

Our specialized cleaning tools remove soot from surfaces, including the interior of your ventilation system. Air scrubbers help to eliminate even more soot particles. Air movers can help remove gases by pushing air outside; negative air pressure chambers can also help with this if needed.

Boarding up doorways, windows, or other openings can help keep security at an appropriate level. Tarps can prevent rainwater from getting inside until we can rebuild damaged structures.

In addition to these, SERVPRO also offers temporary warehouse space. When fire damage and outages of electrical power both happen simultaneously, we can provide our own power, keeping us on schedule and helping your company get back on track as quickly as possible.

Contact us, SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties, at (910) 319-0600 for the tailored, exact services you need to keep your business going.

Mold Remediation Process for Jacksonville Homes

7/21/2022 (Permalink)

Magnifying glass showing closeup of mold When beginning mold remediation for Jacksonville homes, SERVPRO prioritizes any effort to limit further damage to the household.

SERVPRO Offers Consistent Mold Remediation

The due process for remediating after mold damage might change from one property to another, but the core elements vary little. Combining the experience of remediators with our general contractor license for repairs and reconstruction, we provide a full-service approach rooted in several fundamental recovery actions.

Establishing Containment 

When beginning mold remediation for Jacksonville homes, SERVPRO prioritizes any effort to limit further damage to the household. Our greatest action to combat spore activity and migration is the erection of containment barriers. When combined with the efforts of HEPA air scrubbers and negative pressure machines, these physical structures are the best defense for a property in the early remediation stages.

Focusing on a Dry Environment 

Much like an urgent need to protect the structure from migrating microbes, SERVPRO IICRC trained professionals must also take direct action for moisture damage and damp pockets. Humidity and moist materials make a suitable climate to facilitate mold growth. Considerable focus is necessary to fully dry the property to acceptable ranges, using many tools like:

  • Air movers
  • Dehumidifiers
  • Heaters
  • Negative pressure

Clearing Settled Spores

Settled spores are cleaned from surfaces, typically with HEPA vacuums. Because these settle downward, technicians of our team will clean from the top of a surface towards its base. Often, cleaning in this manner happens over several rounds of the same action.

Removing Materials as Needed

When exposed materials have become too badly damaged and impacted by infestations, such as most porous hosting elements, professionals on our roster must discard them. We conduct controlled demolition to preserve all the building materials possible.

Cleaning and restoring your home after mold and microbial threats typically involves these actions. The fundamental approaches can effectively reduce active organisms and their impact on a structure. Call our SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties team today for mold remediation assistance at (910) 319-0600.

Prepare Your Jacksonville Home for Water Mitigation

7/14/2022 (Permalink)

Flood cuts along water damaged wall; SERVPRO restoration equipment being used to dry rooms Water damage can destroy building materials, especially highly porous additions to your home like drywall and carpeting.

Prepared Water Mitigation is More Efficient

Mitigation for any disaster or emergency your home experiences is vital to protect the structure from greater harm. Our SERVPRO team prioritizes a swift response to water emergencies for this reason, protecting contents, porous materials, and personal belongings from irreparable destruction. SERVPRO can take some steps even before mitigation, however, that help make this process more focused. 

Creating a Staging Area

A clean and nearby workspace is a critical element of water mitigation for Jacksonville homes. Staging areas allow our SERVPRO team to bring tools near the work area to prevent continually tracking through the property and risk contamination with changing conditions in the drying zone. Some staging areas can be used to evaluate damaged contents and restore them without requiring off-site pack-out procedures. 

Clearing Out Bulk Materials

Water damage can destroy building materials, especially highly porous additions to your home like drywall and carpeting. In many cases, early evaluation of these conditions can be critical to determine what elements must be removed and discarded to protect the rest of the structure from moisture damage, mold, and contaminants. 

Scoping the Job

Job scoping is an important early action to take as well. When it occurs before the bulk of mitigation services, we can better understand the spectrum of damage and restoration priorities. Data collected by damage assessments can dictate the need and urgency of recovery efforts like:

Water mitigation is a combination of several efforts to best protect a home from severe damages that are potentially avoidable. Our SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties team understands how quickly water disasters can get out of control and spread, so we work fast to reach your home to begin these emergency services and mitigative steps to help. Call us today at (910) 319-0600.  

Extracting Flood Water from Hampstead Basements

7/8/2022 (Permalink)

storm clouds and lightning Did your home experience flooding with recent storms? SERVPRO has the extraction equipment to remove the water.

Basements can be a common area affected by flooding, as water seeks the path of less resistance, letting gravity pull it to the lowest possible point in the house without obstruction. When water begins to pool at this level of the residence, flood extraction is necessary to protect your belongings and the home's structural integrity. 

Patching Structural Vulnerabilities

When beginning the recovery of flood damage in Hampstead homes, including water removal from the basement, it is prudent for technicians to learn where water is penetrating the structure. Patching foundation vulnerabilities make the upcoming water removal services faster and more productive. 

Water Removal Services 

Removing standing water from the structure is one of the most direct methods of helping a home after flood damage. It quickly finds its way to the basement of residences, even when the penetration did not originate through the foundation. The result can be several inches, or even feet, of pooling floodwater at this subterranean level. We have several extractors to overcome potential obstacles like:

  • Deep Extraction - The depth of the damage can influence the choice of an extractor. Greater volumes require more powerful units, including our truck-mounted options for several hundred gallons per minute of production. 
  • Floating Debris - Solids and matter can limit the options for extractors when clearing out the house. Trash pumps have become a trusted option for a high discharge yield. 
  • Elevation Pumping - Because pumps are sometimes asked to push several feet to reach grade, high-pressure pumps can sometimes be preferred.

There are many challenges to protecting and restoring the basement level of a house after destructive flooding. With these disasters' impact on the structure, it is vital to get emergency services started as soon as possible - especially water removal. Our SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties team is standing by now to help at (910) 319-0600.

Water Extraction from Restaurants in Jacksonville is Possible

6/24/2022 (Permalink)

Plumbing leak under sink Burst pipes and leaky plumbing can cause severe damage in a Jacksonville business, especially if left unattended. Call SERVPRO at the first sign of mo

Plumbing Issues Can Derail Business Operations in Jacksonville Restaurants When Left Unattended

Burst pipes and leaky plumbing can cause severe damage in a Jacksonville business, especially if left unattended. If the leak is gradual and takes a long time to be discovered, the risk of mold compounds the direct damage caused by water and excess humidity. When water damage happens, the threat to inventory, equipment, and your ability to serve restaurant patrons is real and quantifiable, so quickly acting is essential to protecting your bottom line.

If water extraction is what your Jacksonville restaurant needs, look no further than SERVPRO for help. Upon arrival, our team of experts focuses on assessing the scope of the damage and developing a feasible work plan to extract water, dry the space, and salvage as much as possible. We know that documentation is essential within a business setting, so we coordinate with you to make ourselves a resource during the insurance claim process. We also know that efficiency is pivotal in mitigating your losses, so we pursue the most cost and time-effective solutions for your benefit.

Water extraction goes beyond plugging in a dehumidifier and letting it take care of the problem. When our SERVPRO staff gets involved, we pay close attention to the following steps to achieve the best results:

  • Water removal with submersible and truck-mounted pumps joined by wand extractors and specialized equipment. Flooring removal may be necessary for this step if it is unsalvageable.
  • Humidity control with the help of air movers and dehumidifiers. Restoring normal humidity levels helps us stop secondary damage and mold spread.
  • Surface cleaning with high-pressure cleaners and EPA-approved cleaning solutions to help disinfect and decontaminate thoroughly.

SERVPRO of Pender/ West Onslow Counties is a resource for local business owners, and we are just a quick phone call away. Reach out to us by dialing (910) 319-0600 and let us leave your restaurant “Like it never even happened.”

Handling Repairs After Flood Damage in Hampstead

6/13/2022 (Permalink)

Flooded street and yard SERVPRO of Pender/ West Onslow Counties is your one-stop-shop for flood damage restoration.

Storms May Cause Damage to Hampstead Homes, But SERVPRO is Ready to Restore Them

Thunderstorms and heavy rains can cause flash flooding in Hampstead, bringing water and its contents to your doorstep and beyond. Even when you take precautions to prevent water entry into your home, sometimes it is inevitable. Even a seemingly minor volume of water can cause costly damage to a home but calling a reputable water restoration company can make a tangible difference in your restoration efforts.

In flood-damaged homes in Hampstead, our SERVPRO staff successfully restored the house while giving our clients peace of mind after the incident. Once you call our 24/7 hotline, we don’t hesitate to use all the necessary industry-grade equipment and know-how to achieve the best results as soon as possible. Structural concerns worsen by the minute; with drywall, flooring, and fixtures being at high risk of secondary flood damage, time is of the essence.

Our SERVPRO staff aims to be your resource during the flood damage restoration process from start to finish. This includes documenting every step and assisting with the insurance claim. It also includes providing move-out services for undamaged items, specialized drying solutions for selected belongings, and applying anti-microbial solutions once the cleanup and drying are done. Not surprisingly, our team also excels at the following:

  • Performing controlled demolition
  • Replacing drywall and sheetrock
  • Removing unsalvageable flooring materials and disposing of them as required by local regulations

When you call SERVPRO of Pender/ West Onslow Counties at (910) 319-0600, you access the latest water restoration industry and the most professional team of experts. If disaster strikes, call us and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Finding a Fire Damage Restoration Team in Jacksonville is not as Hard as it Seems.

6/10/2022 (Permalink)

Burned outlet Fire damage comes from a multitude of sources and is a year-round threat. SERVPRO is always on call to restore your home.

SERVPRO has the Latest in Equipment and Techniques to Aid Jacksonville Homeowners Facing Fire Damage

Every single homeowner in Jacksonville is vulnerable to fire damage. Some older electrical wiring can pose a threat and open flames, unattended items in the kitchen, and human error. In the winter, space heaters may be of concern, but in the summer, items such as citronella candles, fireworks, and barbecues can also cause a fire in the home. Keeping safety top of our minds, homeowners should also know who to turn to in their time of need.

In Jacksonville, our premier fire damage restoration team, capable of handling all aspects of fire remediation, is ready to come to your site as soon as you contact us. Our fire restoration technicians hold certifications verifying their competency, but our business processes also make us quick to react when you call and efficient in our approach. Our technical knowledge is evident from the minute we arrive and consider the source of ignition, how the fire traveled from room to room, and the characteristics of the residue left behind. Some telling data we collected during our initial assessment include:

  • The nature of the materials that caught on fire
  • How fire and smoke traveled through the home
  • The composition of surfaces where ash and soot settled

In our process, we look at multiple variables to determine the best methods for cleaning, deodorizing, and disinfecting your home. Each job is unique, and our team seeks to meet the needs of our clients individually. SERVPRO of Pender/ West Onslow Counties is here to help. Call us at (910) 319-0600 and let us leave your home “Like it never even happened.”

Comprehensive Hampstead Plumbing Water Damage Restoration

5/24/2022 (Permalink)

Water stains on drywall and baseboard After water damage, SERVPRO will determine if the drywall and other structural components are salvageable.

Hampstead SERVPRO Water Cleanup for Structures

Home plumbing concerns can crop up suddenly and create increased expenses for homeowners. These disasters can lead to increased water bills, damaged walls and framing, and potential mold growth, which can cause health effects. Proactive, emergency-response cleaning can save property owners hundreds to thousands of dollars while keeping occupants safe.

SERVPRO water damage restoration can restore Hampstead homes to a sanitary condition with EPA-registered biocides and commercial-grade tools. This firm also performs rebuilding services that include drywall repair, baseboard reinstallation, and repainting after mitigation.

How SERVPRO Restores Wet Drywall and Baseboards 

SERVPRO technicians can often save water damaged drywall and baseboards after disaster strikes. While some materials are not salvageable, others are restorable to a pre-disaster state.

Crew members can use the following strategies to restore structural materials while saving homeowners on repair and replacement costs incurred by water disasters. 

  • Cutting out small portions of wet drywall or drilling small weep holes into it, forcing air into wall cavities with axial, centrifugal, or low-profile air movers and tubing designed for this type of drying
  • Removing wet baseboards and manually cleaning or spraying them with OSHA-approved biocides before implementing extraction and drying tools. In cases where baseboards are not salvageable, technicians can install replacements after drying is complete 
  • Drying typically entails the use of air movers and dehumidifiers together. Positioning for these items is critical: air movers generally are set at 45 to 90-degree angles along the perimeter of the impacted area every 150 to 300 square feet, or less in more serious water scenarios

SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties is reachable at (910) 319-0600 when homeowners need around-the-clock cleanup that looks and feels "Like it never even happened."

Emergency Mold Remediation for Jacksonville Residences

5/13/2022 (Permalink)

Mold growth along wall Mold cleanup technicians from SERVPRO are trained and available to address microbial concerns.

Mold Mitigation from SERVPRO is Available 24/7

Mold damage can begin within a day or two of moisture exposure. These microbes eat away at organic materials like sheetrock, specific varieties of insulation, and even wall framing, floors, and ceiling joists. 

Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification (IICRC) compliant mold remediation from Jacksonville SERVPRO technicians can successfully reduce spore populations to pre-disaster levels. Professional remediation keeps homeowners safe and can include rebuilding services like structural repairs. 

SERVPRO Availability Maximizes Home Restoration Potential

Mold cleanup technicians from SERVPRO are available seven days a week and at any time of day to address microbial concerns such as:

  • Spore clusters
  • Stains
  • Malodors
  • Structural damage
  • Indoor air quality (IAQ) concerns

SERVPRO IICRC trained techs take caution when addressing mold, including using and decontaminating commercial-grade personal protective equipment (PPE) and sealing contaminated areas with polyethylene sheeting. This includes partial sealing of ductwork to prevent mold from migrating during remediation.

Restoration professionals address mold with EPA-registered biocides and take measures to remediate the conditions in which mold thrives by drying the affected structure with air movers and low-grain refrigerant or desiccant dehumidifiers. Microbial movement is controlled with HEPA-filter air scrubbers that lower local air pressure in sealed areas, which causes spores to fall to the floor for technicians to collect with vacuums. 

Odor control technicians (OCTs) ensure that mold and moisture odors are eliminated on a particle level with the help of ultra-low volume (ULV) foggers, sprays, scented granules, time-release pellets, and counteractant odor beads, among other solutions. 

When homeowners need fast-acting "Like it never even happened" cleanup, SERVPRO of Pender / West Onslow Counties at (910) 319-0600.